Model of the Month – September 2021

Name: ​Jake
Height: ​176cm
Size:​ 38R
Time with agency:​ 9 months
Modelling experience: TV Commercials, extra on SBS show, cooking show, photoshoot for Covid, restaurants, bars and many other shoots.

I know this will sound cliche, but my time with Victoria Models has been life changing. I have just finished my cert 4 for acting and I wasn’t sure if I would get any opportunities after finishing school. But after joining with Victoria, the opportunities have been endless! This is something that I want to pursue now and the support and professionalism I am getting is phenomenal. It has given me the confidence to meet new people, to network and to be in front of a camera. Every gig I have been on, I have had so so so much fun and it just makes me want to do as many gigs as I can. I honestly cannot wait when Covid clears up and get back to the industry and work with Victoria Models again.

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by Victoria Schnabl