Model of the Month – August 2021

Marley Headshot
Name: ​Marley
Height: ​190cm
Size:​ 44L
Time with agency:​ 1 year
Modelling experience: ​Before starting with Victoria's I didn’t have any experience in the industry. The work I’ve done has been mostly photoshoots for local tourism campaigns, as well as TV commercials for local business. I've also had the opportunity to work in a television production.

The experence has been great! In the short time I have been working, I’ve been part of some amazing photography and work with models that I now look up to, whether they know it or not. One of the main reasons I started was to meet new people and push myself to try different things creatively. I have had to learn marketing myself which is something out of my comfort zone. Being a model is like being a salesperson, except the product you’re selling is yourself. It’s been a very interesting journey so far.

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by Victoria Schnabl