Hair directions for 15/16

After a long and brutally cold winter it is the time to give your hair the attention it needs. Winter cold combined with our heated indoor spaces dries out our hair in similar way it does our skin. It is important to re-establish a treatment routine to replace the moisture lost in the colder months. Ask your stylist to recommend a professional treatment regime specific to your hair type. It is also best to have a trim to keep your hair in good condition.

Hair colour trends have remained the same for a couple of seasons. Despite predictions, ballyage and other lightening techniques are still the most requested by clients. Bond multipliers are allowing colourists to push boundaries and give clients previously impossible results in terms of lightening without compromising condition. The popularity of pastel colours is on the rise however it will be a short lived trend because the longevity is not there and the maintenance of such colours are expensive and time consuming.

In terms of hair cuts, the “lob” or long bob is still very popular as is the long layered haircut styled with a beach spray for a more natural look. Men are still sporting the fade and I am pleased to announce that the beard trend is slowly leaving us.

Nicole Dwight
Axis Hair
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by Nicole Dwight